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Chu Tzu Ming

1658 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chu Tzu Ming , Marco Moraglia , Matthew Benny 1658 days ago
  • Active social activity, low distribution costs 
Matthew B
  • Malaysians love to gosssip (talk), have teh tarik sessions and spread the word for your product especially if it is noteworthy and even more so if it is totally crap. 
2) Tech companies don't pay corporate income tax in Malaysia (for 10 years)
  • MSC Status (also allows 100% foreign ownership unlike CN, VN, ID - less friction)
  • Proper laws where you can sue people and get money back - lawyers are cheap - get your documentation done here and signed off elsewhere :)
  • IFRS/IASB compliant - proper accounting standards/governance
  • Incorporation in less than a week and cheap at USD 500-800.
3) Malaysia ICT industry welcomes foreign talent
  • MSC Status companies usually gets work permits for required foreign talents within 2 weeks
Matthew B
  • English is the main language used in our corporate and business environment (especially when dealing with those in the ICT industry)
  • Malaysians consist of talented Multi-Lingual population (Chinese dialects, Indian dialects, Indonesia language adaptability) - Most of us speak at least 3 languages (including dialects of our native language)
  • MSC status enables us to hire internatioanally (brain GAIN) - MindValley as an example of company that hires internationally and brings in skilled labour, to train locally here in Malaysia and operates internationally making record breaking profits and technological breakthroughs in their field of expertise.
Chu M
  • Each (1) dollar spent in SG buys 3x longer burn-rate in KL.
Matthew B
  • Singaporean companies are realizing the potential here in Malaysia and have started many web based companies using their funds to support the internet population growth in Malaysia (e.g. Mudah.my)
4) M&A Activity Picking Up, Recently Locally Driven
  • TheStar (Ocision, 2013)
  • Catcha (SAYS, 2013)
  • Catcha (iCar, 2012)
7)  Capital Market Access For Larger Tech Companies? eg Larger companies (marke cap > RM 150 M) raise money here fairly easy.
Marco M 8 No language barrier
Compared to countries like Japan or South Korea, Malaysia offers English as a common language to conduct daily business, allowing a faster spread of information and better understanding between parties.
Matthew B Our engineers understand and communicate well in English and Malay.
9 High Speed Internet Connections
  • Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
  • 3.5G and 4G 
  • Among the highest mobile penetration and broadband penetration rate in the region
  • Among the largest in the region using internet tools on a day to day basis (e.g. Facebook, twitter, google tools, etc)
  • Internet access easily available at any mamak or coffee shops (Usually opens 24 hours a day)
  • Internet cafe's available to those who are underpriviledged or need a connected LAN to work on (e.g. testing out network games)
  • Government initiatives to ensure that the general population receives similar advantages in the area of technology (under BR1M, mobile internet kiosks, Libraries, etc)

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