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Matthew Benny

1658 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Arman Toussi , Matthew Benny 1658 days ago
  • 3.5G and 4G (Telco Providers e.g. Celcom, Digi, Maxis, YES, GreenPacket)
  • Government initiatives to ensure that the general population receives similar advantages in the area of technology (under BR1M, mobile internet kiosks, Libraries, etc)
Arman T 10) Creative Discourse Picking Up
  • The core of innovation almost always originates from a good conversation
  • Communities like Webcamp or the mere existance of a platorm like mindvalley or conferences like those held in Sillicon Valley,(e.g. hackathon, Hack weekend, etc) comes to Malaysia and numerous other initiatives allow conversations to take place and an informative and free discourse to exist
  • Next is to structure the innovative sparks in form of capable incubators and accelerators and programs within those which are targeted at a global and international audience of starters, paving the way for them to get started, build real stuff and stay.
1658 days ago

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